• Spring 2021 – Geographical Ecology and Biogeography, BIOL 4301
  • Spring 2021 – Advanced Biogeography, BIOL 6301
  • Fall 2020 – Principles of Ecology, BIOL 3309
  • Spring 2020 – Course-based research in ecological & evolutionary genomics, BIOL 4301
  • Fall 2019 – Molecular Ecology, BIOL 4301
  • Fall 2019 – Advanced Molecular Ecology, BIOL 6301
  • Spring 2019 – Geographical Ecology and Biogeography, BIOL 4301
  • Spring 2019 – Advanced Biogeography, BIOL 6301
  • Fall 2018 – Principles of Ecology, BIOL 3309
  • Fall 2018 – Advanced Ecology, BIOL 5309

At Texas Tech I am teaching courses in genetics, ecology, and evolutionary biology. I am teaching and continually improving and developing  upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses. Expected rotating topics:

  • Biogeography / Geographical Ecology
    • This course will focus on the patterns and processes affecting the global distribution of organisms and communities
    • This course will have an advanced section where we will discuss and present primary literature about biogeography, from its foundations to current topics
  • Course-based research in ecological & evolutionary genomics
    • We will use real data sets to ask and answer questions relevant to local, regional, or global patterns of biodiversity
    • This course will give students background and experience in conducting bioinformatic analysis in ecological and evolutionary contexts
    • Students will use novel data that has not been analyzed to develop hypotheses, create a plan of attack for analysis, and use statistics to test those hypotheses
    • Available data types: whole-genome resequencing and community 16S sequencing
  • Principles of Ecology
    • Middle-level course with an extensive overview of major concepts in ecology with scale spanning from the level of the individual to the entire biosphere.
  • Molecular Ecology
    • This course will include lectures, discussions, and activities on a weekly basis. We will have a modular structure where I will introduce a topic, we will read some primary literature about and discuss that topic, and we will do practical data exercises with example and/or new datasets.
    • Potential modules: Microbial 16S barcoding and community analysis, landscape genetics, 18S community barcoding (e.g., stomach or environmental samples), species delimitation, among others.

In the past I have taught introductory biology, genetics, and evolutionary biology courses at the University of Kansas and Black Hills State University.

More details will be added here each semester.