• Fall 2018 – Principles of Ecology, BIOL 3309
  • Fall 2018 – Advanced Ecology, BIOL 5309

At Texas Tech I will be teaching courses in genetics, ecology, and evolutionary biology. I am developing  upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses. Expected topics in the coming semesters:

  • Biogeography / Geographical Ecology
    • This course will focus on the patterns and processes affecting the global distribution of organisms and communities
    • This course will have an advanced section where we will discuss and present primary literature about biogeography, from its foundations to current topics
  • Biodiversity Genomics
    • Topics related to biodiversity and studied with genomics: questions about genetic diversity, species diversity, and community diversity assessed using environmental data and high-throughput sequencing data
    • This course will be part lecture, part discussion, part hands-on research
    • We will use real data sets to ask and answer questions relevant to local, regional, or global patterns of biodiversity
  • Landscape Genomics
    • This course will focus on two topics: (1) environmental factors affecting gene flow between populations, and (2) investigating natural selection related to environmental conditions with whole-genome data
    • This course will include short lectures, student-led lectures, literature discussions, and hands-on work with geographic informations systems (GIS) and genomics data


In the past I have taught introductory biology, genetics, and evolutionary biology courses at the University of Kansas and Black Hills State University.

More details will be added here each semester.